Gem Runner Pop-up Blade Safety Dispenser by AccuTEC

Gem Runner™

Reloadable Safety Blade Dispenser

Sturdy. Efficient. Economical.

Easy 100 single-edge blade cartridge refill saves time and money

Streamline cutting operations. Reduce the risk of injury. Minimize waste. The fast, efficient Gem Runner™ serves up single edge blades at the touch of a button. It’s compact and reliable. And it’s the only reloadable pop-up blade dispenser on the market.

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Designed for Safety and Speed

Looking for cutting efficiency and blade safety? The Gem Runner™ Reloadable Safety Blade Dispenser is a breakthrough workstation tool that speeds production while minimizing the risk of cuts. It eliminates annoying nicks from unwrapping blades and enables workers to focus on clean, accurate cuts. It’s easily reloadable with a cartridge of single edge blades: the empty cartridge slides out, and the full cartridge slides in. It’s that easy.


Clean Room Ready

GEM®2 and GEM®3 single-edge blades work with the Gem Runner™ pop-up blade dispenser and are available in cleanroom-ready packaging. When loaded with a cartridge of washed blades (most used in cutting for manufacture of medical devices such as catheters), there is less opportunity for foreign material transfer or contamination from the blade to your finished product.


3-Facet Single-Edge Blade Cartridge

Holds 100-count .009” precision-ground 3-facet single-edge, stainless or carbon steel with steel, stainless steel back; and/or coated, uncoated, washed/degreased. MADE in USA.


2-Facet Single-Edge Blade Cartridge

Holds 100-count .009” regular duty, or 90-count .012” heavy duty precision-ground 2-facet single-edge, carbon steel blades made for sharpness and durability with steel-back and/or coated, uncoated, washed/degreased.


Reloadable Safety Blade Dispenser

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